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Bakelite Powder

Bakelite Powder manufacturer in Ahmedabad - India
KayDee Corporation has acquired a vital position in the market in the field of manufacturing and supplying bakelite powder for moulding. It is a thermosetting plastic and widely used around the globe due its firm properties. A solid, infusible, and chemically resilient plastic based on a chemical combination of phenol and formaldehyde. Manufacturing of bakelite powder is a multi-stage process and we make sure every process goes through rigorous quality check and inspection. The final bakelite powde that is out is inspected through various quality standards before handing it over to our end clients. We take privilege in manufacturing and supplying a comprehensive range of Phenolic Moulding Powder that contains sawdust, cotton, fiber glass, mica filled DMC. The phenolic moulding powder is offered in different range as per the required application.

It is trust, perseverance, dignity, and respect that we have gained within a certain course of time from our elite clientele. We make sure to maintain that throughout our journey. Bakelite is the moulding powder that is required in various industries due to its wide application. Bakelite powder is a non-flammable material that is inexpensive and more adaptable than other plastics. It is used for handles for pressure cookers and other appliances, electrical plugs, and injection moulding for forming of thermoset moulded parts, iron handles, lamp sockets, textile components, telephone parts, pulleys, switchgear components, circuit breakers, and many more.

Application of the bakelite powder differs concerning the available grades. There are ample of grades like filter grade, wood flour grade, industrial grade, textile grade, injection grade. Each grade has different specifications and accordingly different applications as per the requirement. Apart from bakelite powder, we at KayDee Corporation also deal with moulding components, phenolic resin, DMC (Dough Moulding Compound), etc. We have elite clients who have worked with us since ages and are completely satisfied with our services and products.

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