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Moulded Components

Moulded Components manufacturer in Ahmedabad - India
KayDee Corporation takes immense pleasure in working for elite clients by providing the moulded components as per the requirements. We manufacture and assemble precision compression, transfer and injection parts for leading domestic OEM (original equipment manufacturers) of different market segments. We offer a full range of precision moulding technologies including insert and over-moulding utilizing state-of-the-art equipment. Our facilities and experienced man-power process all type thermosetting plastic materials including high-temperature materials like Bakelite, DMC, SMC, Epoxy. KayDee Corporation has established a name in the field of supplying moulded components to the clients in the market.

We have high manufacturing capacity that includes Compression transfer 30 T to 150 T and Injection moulding capacity that includes 120 T to 150 T. We manufacture and assemble complex plastic moulded parts which are highly engineered with narrow tolerance for leading domestic and international original equipment manufacturers (OEM) of different market segments. We thrive hard to become one of the most highly regarded and technically aware Thermosetting Moulding Engineering Plastic Component firms in the global market and to satisfy the needs, desires and expectations of industries. We are also of the major suppliers in automobile and Electrical Industries for Renowned OEMs.

Apart from these, we are manufacturers of bespoke moulded plastic products, components and parts for a wide range of industries, to exact customer specification. Our advanced level of moulding process relies on our deep know-how of material behaviour, trained workforce and cutting-edge injection moulding equipment and controls. Our plastic injection moulding process is idyllic for making high-performance, complex products from materials that necessitate the highest precision. We possess processing capabilities of high-temperature plastics and also specialize in making custom, critical-use plastic parts. We thrive hard to deliver fantastic customer satisfaction through our assurance to modernization, exactness, and constancy.

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